Slide Scanning at DittoBee Photo Scanning

Most people scan slides for one of two reasons. One, they wish to share them; two, they wish to preserve them. At DittoBee we pride ourselves on making high volume slide scanning a breeze. By simply sending your slides to us, we take care of the time consuming task of scanning each slide, ensuring a high quality digitized image, all the while utilizing technology and processes that protect your valuable slides every step of the way. In no time, you get your original slides back safe and sound along with a high quality DVD containing the digitized imagery. Fast, easy and safe… that's the DittoBee way!


Every precious slide is delicately handled by our professional staff, we call it our white glove service.

Exceptional scanning resolution of 1000 dpi produces a crisp image for viewing, editing or printing.
State-of-the-art scanning equipment along with our proprietary technology and techniques ensures the finest digital reproduction. We never outsource our work. Our busy troop of DittoBees carry out the scanning process right here in the USA.