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Start Your Journey: Photo Scanning

Scanning - Photos, Slides, Negatives

At DittoBee we pride ourselves on making high volume photo scanning a... 

Start Your Journey: Video Digitization

Video and Audio Digitizing

Digitize your original videos: VHS, Hi8, MiniDV and VHS-C up to 2... 


View your photos on your TV through a standard DVD player. Also available as an .mp4 movie file, on a USB flash drive on your compatible smart TV or any other screen.

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Why Scan/Digitize?

Fact: many of your precious photos, videos or movie reels remain forgotten in albums, shoe boxes or storage bins.

Your garage, attic or basement cannot be the place where you go eagerly to rekindle yesterday's cherished memories. But what if you could, with a click of a button, bring them back to life in vivid colors on any of the screens surrounding you today?

Bring them to us. We bring them back to life, by digitizing them at the highest quality. One thing is for sure: you won't be the only one smiling, as you share them, renewed, with any of the people dear to you, near or far!