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Photo Scanning

Photo Scanning

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    • Most people scan photos for one of two reasons. One, they wish to share them; two, they wish to preserve them.

      At DittoBee we pride ourselves on making high volume photo scanning a breeze. By simply sending your photos to us, we take care of the time consuming task of scanning each photo, ensuring a high quality digitized image, all the while utilizing technology and processes that protect your valuable photos every step of the way. In no time, you get your original slides back safe and sound along with a high quality DVD containing the digitized imagery.

      Fast, easy and safe… that's the DittoBee way!

      • In scanning terms DPI (dots per inch) refers to the resolution of the digitized image.  We chose 300 dpi as our default scanning resolution due to the fact that it provides the perfect balance between file size and proper replication for printing provided that it is in the same size as the original.

        600 dpi should be selected if you plan to create an online photo album and have it printed as a coffee table style book. This will give you the flexibility to crop and enlarge your photos. A 4X6 photo may be enlarged to an 8X10 when scanning at 600 dpi.

        1200 dpi is for those who prefer to have the very best quality and resolution.

        • We understand that every person's digitization needs are different. Our business model is based on volume scanning of photographs, while still giving the utmost care and attention to every client's order. Due to the extra time and skill needed to complete some scanning options, we offer them as optional enhancements at an additional charge. You can choose the ones you prefer from the "Add-ons" options.

          Photo Rotation: 
          We scan all photos horizontally, with photo rotation we will rotate the vertical photos to be in the correct orientation.

          Scan In Order: 
          Select this enhancement to have your photos scanned in the exact order you give them to us and have the digital files in that order too. This option is also for orders that are NOT grouped by size.

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