Packaging Tips

Packaging your memories for shipment is the single most important step in your ordering process.  When your photos are packaged properly you can rest assured that they will be received by us in the same condition that you sent them.  Simply follow the four easy steps outlined below for the safe and timely delivery of your photos.

Photo Scanning Orders

Ensure every photo is clean of all residue. This includes glue, tape, cardboard, staples, clips, sticky notes, etc. Our scanners cannot scan these and any photos with these substances will not be scanned.

Unless you choose the "Scan in Order" upgrade on the packing slip, you must sort your photos by size and place them smallest to largest in one Ziploc bag.

All photos should be facing the same direction and same orientation. Rubber bands are recommended to secure each group. You may select an upgrade when ordering to rotate them on the disc but they need to be sent in the same orientation.

Video Transfer Orders

We accept the following formats: VHS, Hi8, Digital8, D8, High8, Video 8, VHS-C, VHS Compact, Mini-DV, and DVCAM.

Copyright protected videos or other formats cannot be converted.

Packing your box

Choose an appropriately sized and sturdy box for your order. A packing box is best to protect your contents. Do not ship your order in flimsy boxes or envelopes.

Place your bag of photos or your videos tight in the box. You may use bubble wrap or crumpled newspaper to fill any remaining space. Do NOT fill with packing popcorn, shredded paper, or any other filler.

Secure the UPS return shipping label to the outside of the box once it is closed.

Find a UPS drop off location to ship your package. We will notify you by email when your package arrives.

We take care of your memories

Our professionals convert your photos/videos to high quality discs. Your discs and the original contents are carefully repacked. We will email you again when your order is complete.

On their way back

We ship your originals and new discs back to you via UPS.

You may track your shipment with the UPS tracking number we will provide in your "Order Completed" email.

Enjoy your new discs and those wonderful memories.