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8mm or 16mm Film Reels to Digital (MP4 files)

8mm or 16mm Film Reels to Digital (MP4 files)

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Film reels might be one of the most obsolete ways of recording moving images, yet it often brings back to life some of your most precious memories.

Time and again, our clients make us aware that their reels had been filmed by people who are no longer with them.

Because of their much older age than any other media that we process, special care and attention must be devoted to handling and digitizing these reels. They are the most time-consuming part of our business, but that only means that we go to great lengths to deliver the highest-quality digital copy of your films.

The newest technology allows us to scan them frame-by-frame, which renders the faded colors much more vivid than when you would see them projected on a wall. The sharpness and contrast also tend to increase due to this particular transfer process.

Our clients' reaction is often that of amazement and gratitude for the new life that those old movies will breathe on their modern screens.

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