Bubble wrap is more than a musical instrument.

The simple joy one {including myself} receives from popping those little pockets of air is quite immense. I'm not sure why it is but everyone I know thinks they're simply irresistible. Besides the fun and joy they bring in popping their true purpose is to protect your precious cargo in shipping.

We receive about 80% of our orders through the mail via UPS and we love when clients take the extra time to ensure their photos are protected from getting damaged. We promise to package them back up exactly how you sent them to us. We recommend grouping your photos with rubber bands to prevent shifting and use cushioning, such as bubble wrap, around them.

We also promise to only pop one or two little pockets of air to ensure there is still plenty of cushion for the ride home. We also hope that you'll make a concert at home popping the rest of them. Enjoy.

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