Yep. We do that too.

We've all got them. Computer back ups discs, family photo discs, old school project discs. The problem is they never do seem to stick together. There's one in the kitchen drawer, several in the home office a few in some boxes and you can never remember where the one you want really is. The time is now. Collect them up and we'll transfer them all on to one {yes, just one} USB drive.
What's better? Each disc will have it's own electronic folder with the appropriate name {that's editable, just in case}. Now you only need to keep track of one USB drive and we'll leave some room on there so you can always add more to it too.
CD transfers are $5 each, DVD transfers on $7 each plus the price of a USB thumb drive which start at $14.99 for an 8G. Extra copies are available too.
We love making your life easier in our digital world! Have a unique project that you need help with? Chances are we can help. Just call.
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