True love letters found in the attic from previous deceased home owners.

Can you love love? I do.

I just love a good love story. Not the kind in the movies where you can predict the ending or the kind that is so smothering you just want to roll your eyes all the way back in your head. I love the kind that's so genuine that you can feel it to the ends of the earth even if you're not on the receiving end.

That's the kind of love I could feel pouring off the pages of these love letters. They were written in 1957 from the previous owner of our home to his wife while he was training with the United States Army in Fort Sill, Oklahoma for 19 long weeks. He writes to her "God grant that ours shall be a marriage of blissful happiness surpassed by none. With you I have no doubts that this dream of a lifetime can be made a reality." He continues to pour out his heart from there. Line after line, each one more beautiful than the last.

These letters were left up in the attic over the garage since the previous owners had passed and I'm sure no one knew they were there along with many other papers. Yes, forgotten. With the wear of the paper you could see they were once so very treasured. Held close to the heart, perhaps late in the night with tears slowly flowing down. Missing her sweet, thoughtful husband. I image they were carried everywhere and read over and over until practically memorized.

He delights in her sending him cookies and enough to share. Him and the fellows all agree they were delicious although he believes they are the best he ever had. If he doesn't receive a letter from her he blames it on the post carrier. There's no way there would ever be a day when she didn't send a correspondence.

Although times have changed and daily letters adorned with six cent stamps are a thing of the past love like this still exist. Maybe we outta write our own letters to the ones we love from time to time to be discovered in the attic one day very far from now.

I challenge you to write out the words you feel this Valentine's Day to the one you love and let someone else give those Hallmark cards away.

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