"Have you ever seen one of those Brownie cameras?"

"You know that camera you hold right about here, look down and snap a photograph?" questioned a recent client, Hollis, in Jacksonville.
The next time we met to continue his scanning project to my delight he brought it with him. He confessed it wasn't the one he grew up with but when he saw it in a little shop for sale a few years back he just had to bring it home with him.
I had never come across one of these cameras before and was thrilled to see how it worked. Seriously, such a great light-weight camera. He let me give it a try too.
That evening I couldn't resist going online and researching a bit about this little cube camera. It appears it was marketed to school aged children for a mere dollar. So easy to use that even children could figure it out and as a bonus you could load the film in the daylight. What? Amazing.
The Brownie camera was sold in various designs from the 20's to the 60's all outputting photos 2-1/4" by 2-1/4". Now it's time to scan those photos from your childhood camera like Hollis and know they are safely preserved forever.
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