Why Choose Us

Your photos are priceless.  They hold memories near and dear to you.  They allow you to relive the laughter, the glory and the warmth of those precious people and moments from your past.  It can be said that they are your personal time machine.  It stands to reason that you want to share your photos as much as safeguard them.  We here at DittoBee value and respect your cherished memories as much as you do.  It is for this reason that we offer you a safe and reliable scanning process designed to ensure that each of your photographs is handled with the gentle care that it deserves.  Trusting your photographs to us grants you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your memories will be protected and remain crisp and fresh for all of posterity.  This is the DittoBee difference.

All of Your Photos Are Scanned in the U.S.
Just like a bee only comes back to one hive with its precious load of pollen, once you ship your photographs or videos to us they go to only one place; straight to our processing center located in Miami, Florida. Likewise if you drop off your order at one of our convenient locations they are never shipped out. We never outsource our work.  Our busy troop of DittoBees carries out the scanning process right here in the USA.  Unlike other companies which ship their workload overseas, DittoBee keeps a direct and watchful eye over your memories every step of the way.  Your photos are kept in an environment that is temperature and humidity controlled at every moment.  Always safe, always secure; your photos will always be returned to you in the same condition as you sent them to us.

We Use Quality Scanners
Quality underpins our entire scanning process.  Using only commercial grade Kodak scanners allows us to deliver the best possible digitized image for all of your photos.  It is this type of cutting edge technology which makes our service sweeter than honey.

We Give your Photos the White Glove Treatment
You may hear the phrase, “White Glove Treatment,” tossed about by many places to the point where it becomes generic and colloquial.  However, with us at DittoBee it is literally true.  Just like caring and protective bees looking after their queen, our scanning technicians wear white photo handling gloves every time that they touch one of your photos.  This keeps fingerprints, smudges and residue from accumulating on your precious photographs.  After all, your photos are like our queen and must always be properly cared for.

Fast Turnaround Time
Let's be honest, waiting is never fun.  Much less so when you are separated from the precious photos that make up a significant portion of your memory chest.  As our name implies, our DittoBee staff is always as busy as little bees lowering the industry average delivery time from 8 weeks to just 3-4 weeks.  If you need a faster turnaround time, we also offer an expedited service which allows for your photos to be scanned in just 2-3 days!  Bees never waste time and neither do we.

Low Prices with Easy Add-On Options
Nice round numbers look neat and orderly, but when one deals with life and its memories the beauty is in the details... and details rarely come in round numbers.  Unlike other places which force you into scanning plans based in increments of 500 photographs, we offer you the flexibility of our pay per scan price of just $.30 per scan in addition to our discounted bulk scanning packages.  This way you can capture every photo, every image, every memory without having to leave any behind or pay more than you have to.

Friendly and Caring Service
Offering you an easy and pleasant experience when you order is something which we take tremendous pride in.  From making the online ordering process for your scans simple and intuitive, to the utmost care that we demonstrate in handling your photographs when they arrive to us, all the way to the moment that your original prints are delivered back to you, we work hard to earn your trust.  Whenever there is a question or a doubt about our scanning process, we will happily address it.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are not happy with our scan service, we are not happy.  Simply contact us within 14 days and we will work with you until you are completely satisfied.  Happy DittoBee customers are what makes us happy... they're our honey.