Are your home videos labeled?

You remember those days when you ripped through that thin plastic wrapping of a brand new blank video cassette. That little cassette was about to hold somewhere between 30 to 120 minutes of your most amazing memorable time.
But did you label it??
Everyone is so different. I love that!
We receive orders of all kinds of memories everyday. From those of you that have some serious OCD about labeling to those who blop down the box of cassettes and say something like "I have no idea if there is even anything on these?"
So what kind are you? The Amazing-Label-er? The I-Label-The-Super-Important-Stuff? Or, the These-Could-Be-Blank-For-All-I-Know kind?
Now for some fun facts:
Some 6 billion video tapes like VHS tapes were sold in the US with an average length of 2 hours each. Can you believe that's 12 billion hours of footage of brand new babies, first wobbly steps, perfect weddings, backyard barbecues, and graduations.
Did you know that videotapes were never meant to be a permanent medium? What? Ridiculous! Their deterioration strikes them in as little as 20 years, even when stored under optimal conditions. What's even worse is that less than 1% of these memories have been transferred to digital, a much more durable and lossless format.
If you own some of the 99% of the videos that haven't been converted know yours are in good hands with us.
Now for the good news:
Once your videos are digital you can view them easily on your TV and then label your brand new shiny DVDs. Yippee!
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